Within the scientific community, there is virtually unanimous consensus that the climate is changing and humans have and are contributing to this. In an attempt to have climate change more tangible to individuals, Winslow has been working to document flor and fauna species currently on the threatened and endangered species lists. The resulting presentation of the work will be an interactive experience where the viewer can slow down or temporarily halt the destructio of the final image. Without active interaction the show could disappear prior to its scheduled conclusion. The goal is to encourage the viewer to think about their role in habitat and species loss. Finding that static pictures alone were not having the intended effect he wanted the images to fade away unless viewers took action.

Installation Mechanics:

After an image is uploaded, it will begin fading at a constant rate (the rate is predetermined and customizable). The image will continue to fade unless a viewer or group of viewers are actively standing in the engagement zone. By continuing to engage, the image will slowly return to 100 percent opacity. The fuller the engagement zone, the quicker the image will be revived. If there is a lack of engagement for an extended period, the image will fade entirely to black. At this point, the image cannot be restored for the duration of the show.